My beautiful snowflake

by Anonymous

January 10, 2022

Last year during the pandemic I had found I was pregnant. I knew deep down that my body was changing but this was my 1st pregnancy so I had no idea what was going on and I was in denial. So out of curiosity I took a test and and both lines were bright red, my heart sank I was feeling joy and panic at the same time I had never felt both of those feelings at the same time.

The father and I weren’t on speaking terms since he lied to me about his marriage. I knew that if I kept my beautiful snowflake that I would be creating generational trauma and I did not want history to repeat itself again. The doctor did an ultrasound sound by that time I was 6 weeks along and they said my due date was Christmas eve. Now I am a pros and cons type of person I decided that an abortion was what needed to happen for me to live and create a better life for myself and others to come. I don’t regret what I did because I know women in my life who had this same procedure done and came out stronger than ever and since then I have achieved and accomplished great things since. Deep down I know when a beautiful snowflake falls into my hand that bliss will follow.

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