My abortions

by Anonymous

October 18, 2018

When I was 18, I was dating a man who was about 4 years older than I was. I thought he was perfect, my dream come true. Then I found out he was using heroin. He stole my car, he stole pills from my mother and my grandmother, he stole money from me. And then he got me pregnant. He told me we were being safe. He told me he wore a condom, and he didn’t. I got kicked out of my dads house and moved in solely with my mom. He proceeded to steal food money from me that my mom would give me for heroin while I was pregnant with his child. I said enough was enough and I could not be trapped with this man. He already had a son by someone else that he did not take care of and I paid his child support so he would not go to jail. So he was never going to help me. I was alone. And I was afraid. So I had an abortion. After the abortion, he got very mad at me. But assured me he was off drugs and we could work everything out. Later, he got me pregnant again. After ASSURING me we were being safe. This time, he admitted to purposely getting me pregnant so I could not leave. He was not off drugs. He still stole from me. And I was failing college. He ended up going to prison for stealing someone’s credit card and at that point i realized this was a stupid, stupid decision to stay with him. But I could not and would not let him ruin my future and my wanted children’s future. So I had a second abortion, got on the pill, and dumped him. Now, I have graduated college, have a wonderful full time job and am dating an amazing man that I cannot wait to start a real, healthy family with. If it was not for the abortions that I had, I would have been stuck with a junkie who didn’t really care about me and I would have been living off of welfare for my entire life.

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