My abortions made me a better mother.

by Anonymous

December 9, 2021

Young, dumb and naive. I wasn’t ready to have a child… I couldn’t stay out of juvenile hall or barely show up to work on time. My parents didn’t teach me how to be responsible, so I knew there was no way I could take care of a child… Until I was ready.

Some days I think of what my child(ren) would’ve looked like and how messed up our situation would’ve been had I gone through with the pregnancies. Coming from a broken and dysfunctional family, I never wanted that for my child(ren). So I had 4 abortions.

My child now gets all my attention, doesn’t have to worry about food on the table or clothes on their back, whether or not if their mommy is coming home, or wondering where they’re going to sleep. I am able to speak to my child without resentment or bitterness as my parents possessed. Because I genuinely want to be a mom, not because I was forced into it.

I will never regret my abortions because they made me a better mother.

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