My abortion story (tw ED discussion)

by lex

October 26, 2020

Content Warning: eating disorder description

I have always been safe, I took my birth control like clockwork however I was 17 and had an eating disorder. I had been taking my birth control, however I had also been throwing up due to the ED. I had been having what I thought was safe sex, however I later discovered it was completely unprotected sex. I woke up to go to my day service for my mental health, however I felt incredibly sick in the morning but thought nothing of it so I went to my day group and as I got there I got an alert on my phone from my period tracker saying that I was 2 days late which was very strange for me because I had my period like clockwork.

All this reminded me of was when my best friend got pregnant, so I arranged to go to the shops after my group and I went to the closest toilets and did a pregnancy test and there was a faint line. I was pregnant, so I bought two more tests – digital ones. I got the bus home almost crying scared out my head what I was going to do, but I phoned my boyfriend and explained everything and after a lot of talking we decided me having an abortion would be the best outcome. So I got an appointment and me and my best friend went to my appointment. She brought me snacks because I would be there so long. My boyfriend wanted to come but had school, so I went to see him the next day. But at the appointment they did the ultrasound and blood tests and said they couldn’t do the abortion as I was not far enough along to see the baby. So I would come back the following week. So I spent that week saying goodbye to the idea of the baby. Then it came to the day of the appointment. I went alone, I wanted to do it alone. I did the scan and blood test and then I got the medication and got the implant whilst I was there. I took the first tablet with the nurse, she was lovely. I went straight to my boyfriend’s house and over the weekend took my meds, and honestly it’s been a year now and without the support of my best friend and my boyfriend I don’t know where I would be. They helped me through this. I don’t regret my abortion. I’m glad I live in a country where I didn’t have fight for my abortion or pay for it. I will always support anyone who wants an abortion.

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