My abortion story.

by Pammila Allen

October 4, 2018

I asked my doctor to refer me to a specialist for a tubal, but he refused, and told me to come back in 10 years after I had 2 or 3 children. In the meantime I was utilizing birth control, specifically Norplant. Because I am a heavy smoker and didn’t want the risk of getting blood clots using the pill. After 5 years, I went out to the health department and replaced the Norplant, but upon finding out what I did, he insisted I had to have the Norplant removed, and he did so that day in the office. Leaving me with no other options acceptable to me. I ended up having 2 abortions in the 10 years. And come back and told him I wanted my tubes tied, he eventually give me referral but he was so furious that he dropped me as a patient. Back then I didn’t know I could just walk away from having this terrible doctor in control of my medical decisions. 10 years I had to wait to get my tubes tied, because of his bias against women.

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