I found out I was pregnant one week before my daughter’s 1st birthday and was shocked. I’d been practicing safe sex but I became the 1% in that moment and I was terrified. I was under employed due to lack of full time child care, living at home with my parents with just enough space for my daughter and I to live comfortably and had ended the brief relationship with the baby’s father just weeks before.

I’ve always been pro choice but not until this moment did I realize the weight of what that meant when it’s you in the seat. I knew immediately what I needed and wanted to do, and did it without shame or looking back. I knew I was at my threshold for what I can handle. The shame and regret have their moments where they simmer to the surface and have their day, but then I look at my full life and my beautiful, thriving daughter and don’t regret it for a minute. This story ends very differently for someone else in my same situation if we continue to go backwards, we have to keep abortion safe and legal.