So, I am a mother of 3 kids. I had just had my youngest 5 months and had found out I was pregnant again. After my c section I was told I had a 3cm window in my uterus and that if I got pregnant I would bleed out during delivery. It was very sad news for me and my partner and it hurt me a lot to know something was wrong with my uterus. So I decided that my health and well being was important and I needed to be here for them. I won’t lie, I’ve felt sad and a lot of emotions during the process but I know I made the right choice for my health and my 3 kids who need their mom. So many women need to be able to have a choice for their own health and their own bodies, and also people to understand that this also isn’t easy but it’s necessary and HEALTHCARE. I am a mother by choice, for choice and will always stand by women’s healthcare and our rights.