My abortion saved me.

by Bre

November 5, 2020

Content Warning: physical abuse, violent threats

I will ALWAYS be thankful for my abortion. When I found out that I was pregnant I was sixteen years old, in a controlling relationship and dealing with a drug addition. I was terrified – I took my birth control pills steadily every day and I didn’t want to be a mom. I instantly knew that abortion was my only option. My partner at the time became violent soon after I found out I was pregnant, he would hit me, shove me around & push me down the stairwell yet continue to try to convince me not to have the procedure. When leaving to the hospital, my partner told me that he would kill me when we are home if I went through with the abortion. I allowed him to come into the hospital with me and silently told a nurse that I was not safe. My nurse, who was an angel to me held my hand and brought me into the bathroom, locked the door and paged for security to remove him. I felt like weights had been lifted off of my chest, it was the day I could be finally free of my abuser. The nurse stayed with me the whole time as I waited for my appointment, helping to keep me calm. The procedure was fast and easy, though a little painful. I still grieve the loss of the soul I carried, but I know I did what was right.

My abortion literally saved my life and set me free. That was the last day I saw my abuser, and I couldn’t imagine how differently my life would have been if I had a child with the person who traumatized me. I now am 21 and engaged, building a home with my best friend and ready to have a baby enter our lives.

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