My abortion (is in 2 weeks) PART1

by Mariah

June 18, 2021

Content Warning: sexual assault

I’m 20 years old & I just found out that i’m pregnant. This is extremely unplanned & NOT what I wanted. My boyfriend came inside me one night when I was blackout drunk, without my permission, and didn’t tell me until a few days later. (backstory) My boyfriend wants a baby, and has made that known. I have always made it known that I DO NOT want to be a mother yet.. I feel like he came inside me on purpose… which upsets me.. since he knows how I feel about it..


It’s been a couple of months since & I missed my period & I’ve been gaining weight. So I took three pregnancy tests.. they’re all positive. The next morning I called Planned Parenthood and booked an abortion. soonest available appointment is 2 weeks out..

I went to a local clinic to have an ultrasound to better understand how far along I am. I’m about 7 weeks pregnant. The ladies at the clinic were all ‘lowkey’ trying to talk me out of abortion… they think I’ll regret it. My boyfriend is constantly trying to talk me out of it. I KNOW I don’t want to carry a baby, OR raise one. Nobody is on my side.

I really hope I am making the right decision. I’m 100% certain I don’t want to raise a child right now. I just hope I won’t regret it afterwards like everyone is saying…

I will post another story after my abortion & update you all on my feelings.

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