My abortion in Puerto Rico

by Anonymous

June 11, 2020

Content Warning: abuse

I missed my period so I got a rapid pregnancy test from Walgreen’s. It said negative but a few later went by and no period, so I went to a lab, paid $15 and got my blood test done and it said positive. I call the guy that I was dating for the last few month and told him I was pregnant. He said I was a whore and I didn’t know who the father was and I was trying to get him to pay for the baby. I was thinking of keeping it until that moment. That was the experience that opened my eyes and I notice I was dating a monster. I told him I was gonna get an abortion, he gave the $300 and bail out on the entire process. That’s when all hell broke loose. I took the misoprostol pill during my 6 weeks pregnancy and it didn’t work, it just made me bleed a lot and my levels were really low. So I had to get another procedure after a month of still being pregnant.

The procedure was done in the middle of the pandemic. I had to lie to my parents every time I went to the clinic and what made matters worse is that PR had the strictest lock down and I was only allowed out on Monday, Wed and Friday. The clinic closed at 11am. It was very complicated. I had to get the d&c process which was extremely painful. I had to get my uterus clean and then a vacuum sucks everything I had inside. Since I was already very weak, my blood pressure started to go down and my pulse was weak but the the staff was great, they stayed with me the entire time and took care of me. I haven’t told anyone this before, I went through this alone. I was hurt, in pain, very weak, dizzy, sick, hormonal but I know it was the best decision at the time because I couldn’t have a baby with a monster. Later the guy was accused of working with a guy that had a human trafficking ring and was a pedophile. This is my horror story and this is why we need accessible abortion clinics in the world.

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