My abortion in 2020

by Anonymous

January 26, 2021

2020 didn’t get rough when covid started for me. It started when I got pregnant back in January and had to make that decision on if having a baby was the best option right now. I was 20 years old at the time, I haven’t graduated from college and I don’t have my own place. I had literally just quit my job like week or two before i found out I was pregnant.

When I first found out I wasn’t going to tell my parents, I was just going to go to the clinic and get an abortion because I knew my parents wouldn’t be happy. I eventually ended up telling my parents because I didn’t like the fact that I had to hide this from them.  My mom was livid of course she didn’t talk to me for awhile after telling her because she had a child at 19 and she always spoke to me about not getting pregnant. But we all know that isn’t enough. When you are in a relationship and you think you are in love of course sex is going to be a thing.

At this point I was so depressed because I felt lonely. My boyfriend at the time stopped talking to me like regular (who I ended up breaking up with not too long after all this), my mom wasn’t speaking to me and it turned into arguments everyday. My dad was the mediator because he was trying to stay neutral in this situation. The day i went into the clinic I was so embarrassed because I had to take an Uber and then to make matters worse there were anti-abortion people outside shouting at me.

I went by myself the first appointment which was just a “are you sure you want to do this” appointment. In total I had 3 appointments.  The governor of my state changed that where you only have to come in once and get it done, which is great. I went in the first time and I had to do a lot of paperwork and then I had an ultrasound and they asked if I wanted to see it and I said no. it didn’t feel right looking at a baby or hearing a heartbeat that I wasn’t going to keep. The second appointment I got the pill so I took one of the pills at the clinic and then I believe its the next day or same day you take the second pill to have the actual abortion.

It was so painful, the contractions were the worst. I ended up having the abortion in my underwear. I was so sad I called my dad and cried on the phone for like 30 minutes. Yeah my emotions were everywhere. This was a life changing situation that happened to me. Having to get an abortion definitely wasn’t in my life plans but I am glad that I had that option accessible to me.

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