My abortion at 17

by Anonymous

November 25, 2019

I graduated from high school in June. Two days after, my boyfriend who was a freshman in college took me on a senior trip to Maine. We had sex. Many times. I was on birth control but I just a UTI right before going to Maine that required antibiotics.

Little should-be-known fact – Any type of antibiotics makes your birth control not work.

I found out I was pregnant in mid July. I was already 5 weeks pregnant. I should have known. I kept a period log but I am usually late. It’ks not uncommon for me. I have had a scare before so I didn’t think much of the period lateness.

I was at work feeling dizzy, I had these cramps that wouldn’t go away, and my boobs were swollen and sore for a week. I was just hoping my period was coming but no blood came. I took a test on a Wednesday night. I didn’t tell my boyfriend until Saturday morning. I needed time to process alone.

I told him and he never freaked out. He was quite calm. Asked me what I was thinking and what I wanted to do. I told him “I can’t have a baby. I’m not even 18 yet. I can’t even vote” He said okay and so we researched and called and made appointments and decided on a plan.

I had a pill abortion at 8 weeks pregnant. Put the four tablets in your mouth and let them dissolve for thirty minutes. The doctor told me most girls throw up but don’t throw up before 15 minutes or it won’t work. My boyfriend helped me pass the time by watching tv shows. He put four tic-tacs in his mouth to “share the experience” with me.

I threw up after 32 mins.

Then the pain kicked it. It was real bad and I rocked back and forth on the bathroom floor cursing my boyfriend out. (I apologized before hand just in case). It would hurt for 3 mins straight but you would get 5 secs of relief but it was like a tease because it would hurt all over again. It helped when my boyfriend told me stories to distract me. The pain lasted for about 6 hours then I fell asleep. Next morning, I felt fine.

It was successful. I still think about it sometimes. When I go to the store and see baby clothes, I wonder if it was a boy or a girl. I wonder what kind of hair color it would have. I wonder what kind of personality traits they would have. Would it be quiet and calm like my boyfriend? It would have been nice to have it but at that moment in my life, I was completely not ready and I don’t regret it. I have made peace with it now. It’s wasn’t easy but I think I made the right decision for me.


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