My abortion and me

by C

January 5, 2023

My abortion was the most difficult decision of my life. I still often wonder if I really made the choice for myself or for my partner. I am still dealing with the aftermath.

I found out I was pregnant in a country that abortion was illegal. First obstacle, I had to board a flight to travel 8hrs to be seen by a doctor. I felt so sick (I couldn’t eat anything while pregnant without feeling or been sick) and nervous about whether this was the right decision for me.  I was given the medical pills and returned to where I lived a few days later. Before returning to work I had a ultrasound where the found the termination to be unsuccessful.

At this point I didn’t know how I felt about my abortion and then been told I had to have d&c surgery just triggered me and put my mental health under so much stress. My partner also had to work whilst I was in hospital so I just felt so alone.

Moving a couple of months on, I still struggle with how I feel, regret? anger? sadness? You are not alone even though you may feel like it sometimes. Keep moving forward. Healing isn’t linear.

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