My abortion

by Anonymous

February 18, 2020

After weeks of deciding what I wanted to do I decided an abortion was realistically the best option for myself. The process for myself was very difficult, from the appointment, the actual process and life afterwards. I had told my coworker what I had done so she understood why I was so upset lately, one of the customers who happened to be in my work at that time overheard and came in the next day to hang up anti abortion posters everywhere, which broke my heart. My coworkers being the lovely humans they are reassured me that what I did was best for me and nobody else’s opinions mattered.

I wanted to share my story for anyone else who may have a similar experience and just want to say, if ANYONE ever tries to make you feel bad about your decision don’t let it bring you down because we all do what is best for us and nobody else gets a say. #StayStrong

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