My abortion

by Anonymous

September 14, 2021

I had an abortion at 25. I have never wanted to be a parent, but being raised deep southern Baptist made my decision feel selfish. I was married and my partner was very absent during the time that I made the choice to abort. I felt completely alone. I struggled with religious guilt for a long time after my abortion, even though I’m not religious in my personal life. And above all else, I felt guilty and ashamed for feeling so relieved that I wasn’t pregnant anymore. I suffered quietly for about a long time, I got divorced from my then partner, my friends fell off when they started having children of their own. It was hard for me for a few years, and then I started seeing more and more accounts like these. I read statements and blogs from other people who’ve had abortions, and the guilt has slowly dissolved. I realized that the choice to abort was mine, and I learned that I could be proud of making it for myself. I have never regretted my abortion, but now I can confidently stand by my decision.

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