My abortion

by Anonymous

July 1, 2021

I got pregnant by a guy I was seeing for a month. I knew the second I found out I was pregnant that I would have an abortion. In that second I felt comfortable knowing I had a partner that was in a long term relationship with the mother of his 3 kids so I expected for him to be there for me. He’s a great dad and has his kids most of the time. We didn’t discuss anything as I right away said hey I’m pregnant and I’m terminating and he supported. He said he would be there for me and that he would even help me with the financial part of it.

My appointment was set for 3/24 and he knew that. On 3/17 he called me and nonchalantly said that he was going on vacation with his kids and was leaving 3/19 and coming back 3/29… I cried. I couldn’t believe this man was leaving me to deal with this on my own. He knew I was frightened and anxious and he had experienced this before with someone else. I felt that to him it was just another abortion but to me this was the scariest and most emotional experience of my life. I couldn’t make him cancel his already booked plans.. so the day of my in clinic abortion he never texted me. Not even the day after I took the two pills. I remember sitting in that clinic bawling my eyes out because he was posting him on vacation having the best time of his life while I was terminating our baby. I fell so in love with this man and trusted him. I felt so betrayed.

Months later I couldn’t be with him anymore. The betrayal was too much for me and can’t forgive him for it. He never even gave me a penny and I kept begging him to at least help me financially since he wasn’t affected by this mentally, physically nor emotionally. He left me when I needed someone the most and didn’t have his support. He never checked in on me. He never asked if I was okay. Til this day he doesn’t know what my experience was like. He never asked me questions even after my check up. He claims it’s because he wanted me to keep it but I think it’s all bs since he doesn’t want to give me money and wants me to feel bad so he doesn’t have to pay. This experience affected me so much mentally and was so hurt by this man. He completely betrayed me and manipulated me.

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