My Abortion

by Grace

October 18, 2018

Hi I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you my story when I was 21 I hooked up with a guy and got pregnant even after both forms of contraceptives. I knew I didn’t wanna keep it when I found out.  He wanted me to keep it and was so upset by my choice, I told him no I’m sorry I’m not ready nor do I want children ever. He was upset but he understood that it’s my body and if I don’t want to go through pregnancy then I don’t have to. Getting an abortion is not cheap so that threw me back a little bit without the help of planned parenthoods donations it would have cost me $900 and not a lot of 21 year old’s have that money or can come up with that amount. So I gathered the remaining of the cost with the help of the dad and a very supportive family member. I had my abortion done at 16 weeks and I know “oh why didn’t you do it sooner” well I didn’t find out until I was 12 weeks.  Having planned parenthood receiving funds helps women all over because not many have that much money on hand. Women should always have the right to abortion no women should have to carry a baby they don’t want.

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