My 8 week abortion

by Anonymous

February 3, 2020

I am 38 years old and had always known that I didn’t want children.  I tried for years to get doctors to let me get some sort of serialization but none of them would.  I have stage 4 endometriosis and have already had one ovary and tube removed because of it.  I have also had an ectopic pregnancy.

My husband and I have good jobs but we are getting older and with my health problems we knew kids just weren’t in the picture.  We can support ourselves but adding children would be a strain financially.  So when I found out I was pregnant the day after New Years I was terrified.  I told my husband and we didn’t waste any time and making me an appointment to get my abortion.  Unfortunately, I live in a state were abortion is banned at viability.  However, I live on the boarder of a state where abortion laws are more relaxed.  Thank God for them.  I did have to reschedule my original appointment due to the fact that money was an issue ($788 was how much it cost) and I wanted my husband to be there and he needed to get time off work.

I was sick for the three weeks while I waited for my appointment, my work suffered, I couldn’t do much housework.  I just slept all the time because I felt horrible.

Finally the day of my appointment arrived and my husband drove me to the clinic.  I was worried about protestors but there was a snowstorm that day so only one lone guy with a loud speaker telling me to turn to Jesus.  My husband dropped me off (he isn’t much of a waiter and I was totally fine with this.  He took the night off from his night job to be with me later).  I was there for about three hours maybe but I got my ultrasound, paid my cost, got my blood taken, I was negative so I got a Rhogam shot too, then I talked to the doctor, super nice lady.  She gave me extra Zofran because I had been so ill.  I got the first pill and took it and she gave me a bag of my other pills and I was done.

My husband I went out to dinner that night and I know they say you shouldn’t feel anything with the first pill but my tummy did start feeling kind of gurgly.  I took my antibiotic after dinner and went home and hung out with my husband.  I had taken the next day off of work and got everything ready for the process ahead.  Heating pad, charged phone and iPad, water, Gatorade, pain pills, everything I thought I would need.I took my pain pills and waited then  I took my 4 pills, waited the thirty minutes then washed them down with water.

About an hour later I started get cramps and things started going.  I didn’t really bleed into my pad in the beginning, everything seemed to happen when I was on the toilet.  I ended up having bad diarrhea too.  I think I knew when I passed it, it was a clot about the size of a lemon.  I was able to actually get some rest and the cramps only came in waves really.  It’s now the day after I took all the pills (I called into work) and I have no more nausea, the bleeding is like a normal period.  Mostly I am tired.  My wonderful husband says I am getting a steak dinner this weekend for all that I have gone though and I can’t wait.

I was so scared that the pain would be horrible.  But honestly I have had period much worse than this.  Much worse.  I had some chills, some severe nausea (I use breathing tricks to not vomit) and cramps that only came in waves.  If anyone who is as worried as I was;  you got this!

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