My 2 Abortions

by G

February 28, 2022

I have had two abortions. My first one, a surgical, was almost 10 years ago and was hard. My second one, a medical, was more recent and extremely uncomplicated.

For my first- I was in an abusive relationship, had no familial support, no close friends nearby, and less than $400 to my name. It was really difficult for me because of how alone I was. I had close to zero education about how abortion worked and thought a surgical abortion would be safer when I was only 6 weeks along. The procedure itself was kind of a nightmare; I was distraught. It didn’t help that there were gross protestors outside of the clinic trying to talk me out of it on my way in (I was also directed to the wrong address and was an hour late to my appointment!). My mental health suffered a lot for a few months after. If I could go back, I would tell my 19 year old self that it’s okay, and that I was not doing anything shameful or wrong. That a medical abortion would have been just fine and more comfortable for me. To not be afraid to ask questions. That’s really all I needed to hear!

A year later I got pregnant again with a different person. I’m still with this person and we have been raising that child together. When our child was around two years old, I got pregnant for the third time. We simply knew we did not want any more children, and it was quite honestly an easy decision for me to choose a medical abortion. I still didn’t have a lot of emotional support, but I was fortunately in a safe living situation this time around, and had learned a lot more about sexual health through social media. I had the abortion at home. I took the pills and had a nap! When I woke up and I felt totally fine. It was not a big deal at all to me; like finally having my period.

I have a copper IUD now. No regrets about having had those abortions.

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