Must Read!!!

by Hanna

April 19, 2021

I just turned 20 years old during the pregnancy. I was 6 weeks and 6 days when I took the pill. I knew I was pregnant because my body changed a lot and I experienced morning sickness and nausea all day and all night for the whole pregnancy. I would cry because of the pain, I have a high pain tolerance but at some points it just got too much. I knew I wasn’t going to keep it, but I really wanted to. I never wanted kids before I got pregnant, but now that this happened my pov on that is way different now… (only when I’m ready of course).

When I took the cheek pills I was fine. Exactly 30 minutes later I had the worst cramps ever and bleeding AND I WAS AT THE MALL. I couldn’t move, I was crying, making a complete fool of myself, my boyfriend had to carry me to the car from mall. My boyfriend really helped me and was there for me the whole time so I’m very grateful to have him a part of my life especially for this, and everyone on here deserves someone to be there for them for this matter.

Once I got home there was blood clots after blood clots. Pain constantly. Personally, it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced and I will try my hardest to be careful about getting pregnant before I’m ready. I hated being pregnant, I couldn’t eat at all, everything I ate I would throw up so all I would eat was fruits and crackers. It helped. The blood clots were so big and scary, me and my boyfriend were concerned at one point but it was all normal. It was the messiest and most painful experience for me and him. The pain didn’t stop until 2 AM and I took the pills at 5:30 PM the previous day.

It sucked, I never want to have to go through this again. It’s 2 days after now and I feel so much better, I’m so happy that I don’t have to go through that anymore. There’s way more to add but I’m trying not to be too long. Take care guys and be strong! I never knew how mentally and physically strong I was until this happened. I feel like a brand new woman!

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