Medical abortion experience

by Anonymous

October 9, 2020

I am writing this as I searched through these when I was scared about having a medical abortion so I wanted to share my experience, my very recent experience.

I am married to the love of my life we have 3 children 2 teenagers and a 10 year old, both have good jobs and a nice home, I began to feel unwell and we were both totally shocked by a positive pregnancy test last week. I was really early into the pregnancy I knew this for sure.

Contacted Marie Stopes and had a consultation over the phone, on the Monday and they said a nurse would call me on the Friday and I would be able to collect the pills after this conversation. I debated all week whether the decision was right imagined how I’d feel going through with it, my husband was amazing he said it was up to me and he’d support me either way but agreed the time wasn’t right for us and I’d been so unwell with tiredness and sickness it was a hard week.

Friday came spoke to a lovely nurse on the phone who asked questions about my health etc but no judgement I said I felt guilty she said I had nothing to feel guilty about. Collected the medication and went home, I was meant to take the first pill that night, I didn’t and decided to do it on the Saturday, to think one more night I knew I was going to take it but felt so sad.

Me and my husband sat together me holding the pill and spoke about the pros and cons and I quickly took the pill, felt instantly guilty but knew I’d made the right decision, now this pill made me tired and I felt so depressed that day, I cried, felt sick and had a headache I went to bed at 8pm and slept all night we had planned for me to take the 4 other pills and stay in bed all day. I was dreading it after reading the horror stories online. I took the 4 pills vaginally at 11.30 am. I also took 2 paracetamol and I waiting for the excruciating pain, that didn’t come. I began to bleed an hour later and had period cramps (nothing worse than a heavy period pain) I watched TV and ate and drank loads, began to have clots and passed the pregnancy at this point I was very early around 5 weeks but in fact around 3 weeks as I knew the conception date, clots and heavy bleeding over the next few hours but only took ibuprofen around an hour in but could have managed without. Pregnancy symptoms disappeared that night and I’m still bleeding the day after which is now, but was really not as bad as I thought, I know the decision was right, but I do feel sad, I wonder what would have been, but for me and my family this was the right decision.

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