Medical Abortion at 6 weeks pregnant

by Anonymous

July 12, 2022

I had an abortion last week and want to share my positive Medical Abortion story with you all!

I was devastated when I found out I was pregnant and my anxiety became increasingly worse, I knew in my heart I didn’t want a child just yet, I just wasn’t ready. My anxiety started to increase because I was so scared to get an abortion since I don’t do well with anything medical related, I basically lived off of smoothies and liquids for a whole week because I had so much nausea and couldn’t stomach solid foods. I decided to go with the Abortion pill option, since the surgery option sounded to scary for me.

I began researching all about abortion pills and came across all of the horror stories, which didn’t help ease my anxiety, so I had to mentally prepare myself for whatever levels of pain I was going to experience, and hope for the best possible outcome.

When I went to my first appointment it involved an ultrasound and taking the first pill (mifepristone) at the clinic (this pill stops the pregnancy from growing), I was also given the second set of pills (Misoprostol) to take home with me and have 48 hours later. I was then given a prescription for pain medication, anti nausea tablets, and anti-inflam tablets as well. I didn’t experience any side effects from the mifepristone and went home 1 hour later and just rested/chilled out the rest of the day.

48 hours later… it was the expelling day. I was so scared and nervous because of the potential pain and vomiting these pills can cause. So here’s out it went, basically I vomited before I even took any medication, thats how scared and nauseous I was (which may have helped me in the end, because I never vomited after taking the medication). But to my surprise the whole experience felt like bad period cramps, I usually get bad cramping when I am on my period so maybe I was so used to this kind of cramping, that it made it easier for me to handle or maybe because my pregnancy was still really early at 6 weeks? I laid in bed with a heat pack on me and tried to relax and distract myself with TV shows. I went to the bathroom a lot as well and passed a couple of clots, I also think I passed my pregnancy there too. I never saw it pass onto my pad, my nurse mentioned I may never see it pass because it will be the size of a grain of rice, so it may be hard to see. The whole experience took around 4 – 6 hours and the cramping began to decrease closer to the 6 hour mark.

4 days later I went for a blood test to confirm I was no longer pregnant, which it came back a day later with the all clear and that the pill worked.

I wanted to share my experience because I found it really difficult to find lots of positive stories out there.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!