Medical Abortion at 5 weeks

by Jess

July 23, 2020

I had read up on the medical abortion since I was 16 (just in case). At 18, I got pregnant and read some horror stories. I genuinely didn’t know whether it would be better to have the baby or to go through the pain of an abortion.

I am currently 3/4 hours into my medical abortion, and I must say. I was far too prepared.

I took my first pill yesterday and today at about midday I took the second 4 pills. After the first, I felt a bit nauseous but nothing too bad. I was terrified of the pain of the cramps (already having terrible periods). Yet here I am, cramping, bleeding, expelling whatever it is that is in me, and I feel completely fine. The pain is maybe a 3/10?? My usual periods are worse than this!!!

PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ, there are horror stories out there designed to make people not want to have abortions, but as long as you prepare yourself you will be FINE!!! You got this!!!!

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