Medical abortion at 5 weeks

by Anonymous

September 18, 2020

I was on the combined pill, was for years and I just knew I was pregnant. I had this niggly feeling that wouldn’t leave., but I constantly put off taking a pregnancy test as I didn’t want to face the truth.

Test came back positive and I cried but I didn’t feel excited or happy, just fear. And I was angry the pill betrayed me in a way.

I kept it a secret until I saw my partner of 5 years face to face. I was certain I didn’t want a child especially not now, it’s such a bad time in my life and adding a child to the mix would make matters much worse. I’ve kept it a secret from all friends and family. I just rather them not know.

My partner reacted really well to the news, he knew I wasn’t ready and he cuddled me and told me no matter what he’ll be by my side every step of the way physically and emotionally. That’s when the emotions of guilt and sadness hit me.

For me abortion was a hard choice. I never had to do this before and I carried this horrible guilt and fear with me up until the moment I contacted BPAS (British pregnancy advisory service), who were amazing, not judging me and answered every question I had. They quickly made me an appointment for a scan and to go through with the abortion.

When I was at the appointment the lady was so lovely and she told me I was 5 weeks + 2. Earlier than she and I anticipated which gave me a bit more relief. I feel like if I was quite far and the Fetus was more formed – I would’ve been way more hesitant.

She kept the monitor away from me which I was glad for, talked me through the process and gave me the medicine mifepristone and misoprostol and codiene for pain along with a booklet on how to take it all and sent me home to do the treatment.

I’m going to be incredibly honest about my experience as a lot of women ( including me) are not sure what to exactly expect with a medical abortion.

I took the mifepristone yesterday morning. It made me feel incredibly sick, tired and I had a headache. I couldn’t really eat from nausea. It also caused cramping and light bleeding for me. This morning I threw up but these side effects stopped about 23 hours after I took it.

Today I took the misoprostol at 12:30pm. I laid in bed as cramping started straight away pretty much. It was painful and I laid in bed drifting off to sleep for about 3 hours. I woke up at 3pm and ran to the toilet for a lot of blood and clots and the pregnancy to just fall out of me before I got to the toilet – but my bathroom is downstairs from my bedroom so it’s a longer commute and because I was sleeping I guess it all happened with one big gush.

I cleaned up, flushed the remains and took the second dose of misoprostol and I’m currently back in bed an hour later. Still passing clots but the bleeding is a little lighter.

Pain for me isn’t too bad. It felt like a period with cramps just a little more intense. I never got to the point where I took codiene. I stuck to paracetomol and that helped take the edge off.

My recommendations would to stay off work/ school for a couple days. Get yourself in comfy clothes, lay or sit somewhere comfortable. Wear big underwear you don’t care about, use the biggest sanitary towels you can find and stay hydrated. Keep painkillers close also.

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