I am 31 years old and almost 5 months ago I found out I was pregnant. I can’t even describe how I did feel at that moment. It was too much information to process. I am an immigrant studying English. I came here trying to find a better future. I was single and pregnant from a situationship that basically was nothing. This decision was the hardest one in my life because I want to be a mom.  I found myself confused between wanting to be a mom and not having any stability to have a baby at the moment. But I made a decision on the basis of responsibility and love and now I am working on the mom that I want to be one day.

I choose to have a medical abortion, and I would like to shout out to that nurse who stood next to me and offer me her hand in case I need it.  Also, the nurse who told me that I was in charge of my process and I could pause if necessary, and that nurse who helped me with a bag when I was puking. I didn’t feel any physical pain, but support from those powerful women.

5 months later, I think about my abortion with love and greatness even when I thought I should feel guilty and regret it. I am looking forward to the day I can responsibly choose to have a baby.