Looking back before Roe vs Wade

by Sandie

May 31, 2022

I just turned 3/4’s of a century old and was thinking back when I was 19 growing up in a Catholic family in Kentucky. I became pregnant with my boyfriend after our first year of college and because abortion was illegal, I never even considered it. My boyfriend disappeared and was later sent to Vietnam. After telling my parents when I was 6 months pregnant I was sent to an unwed mothers home. The whole experience was draconian, but I knew I was doing the right thing for me so that kept me positive.

Before the child could be put up for adoption he was tested by doctors that found he did not respond to certain mental tests and was therefore held back until he was a year old. Before I signed the adoption papers I requested to see him, which was not procedure, but I convinced the nuns that I just wanted to make sure that he was alright. Because he was used to seeing nuns with big white habits, when I reached for him he screamed for the unknown and I learned an amazing life lesson; even if we give birth to a someone, they are never ours. At 19 that was an amazing lesson for me.

Later in my late 20’s I again became pregnant with my soon to be husband, even though I had an IUD, but  this time I had an abortion. Unfortunately it was with a Doctor who I’m sure didn’t really believe in the practice and the pain was unreal. In his way, he made me pay.

I’ve never doubted my decisions and never had children. That was a life choice which I so believe is up to each one of us. What is going on now with Roe vs Wade is frightening and saddens me deeply. I have always supported abortion rights and will now get out in the streets, yet again, to voice my opinions. I have no shame, only gratitude for being able to live my life on my terms.

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