That kid you see is mine*. Born only because I had three abortions. Yes. Three. Each one saved me, each in a different way. The first because my mom was dying and I needed to spend a year with her and not be a new/unemployed mom.

The second and third saved my fertility after a first and then second trimester miscarriage. There was blood and pain and sadness because I wanted to stay pregnant. There was fear on my doctor’s face. But never regret. Not for the two pregnancies I wanted. And not for the one I didn’t. Being in charge of how and when I had a baby was vitally important because so much of my fertility seemed random and out of control. And now this little person who owes their life to abortion.

*SYA note: The author submitted a beautiful picture of their child (thank you!). For legal reasons we are not currently posting submitted photos to our site. Thank you for understanding and for sharing your story with us!