Long ago, but no regrets

by Emory

May 21, 2021

I am a man who has had 2 abortions, both over a decade ago now.

The first was 19 years ago. It was a very much wanted pregnancy, terminated in my 21st week. My beautiful daughter was loved and grieved for, but I know I did the right thing for her and for myself.

I went on to give birth to three living children with my abusive husband. When I finally found the courage and had the ability to leave, I found I was 5 weeks pregnant again. I chose not to continue the pregnancy.

This termination was much easier. I was living in a shelter at the time. I took a few pills and allowed myself to be cared for by the others living in the shelter. Ice cream, sappy movies and a hot water bottle did wonders.

Today, I am a happily single parent of two amazing teens and a young adult. I work with homeless people in a shelter setting and walked others through this path many times. I don’t regret my decisions at all.


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