It was a Tuesday when we decided to go to the lab to see if I was pregnant. It turned out to be positive. I started to cry and feel desperate because I was not ready for everything that was ahead. I didn’t want to have an abortion and I didn’t want to have a baby. For me, it was a difficult decision because I was scared to do it alone and especially without the person who was so involved in this (my boyfriend). I knew he wasn’t the right person to have a baby with. He wasn’t as supportive as I wanted him to be.


We decided to do it on a Saturday night. I took the pills but they didn’t work. We had to go to the doctor and tell everything so I could be sure that nothing was wrong with me. By this time, our relationship was hanging by a thread. We used to fight for almost every little thing. I was so sad but we decided that we couldn’t be in the relationship any longer. I just texted him to let him know about the arrangements of the next procedure with the pills (of course, I decided to do it again). He let me do it in his house. He helped me and took care of me, but I was so sad because I loved him and I didn’t want to end things with him.


However, I knew that we couldn’t be together, so I tried to understand, to accept and I’m still working on that. The abortion went well. It was two days ago, and I still recovering physically and emotionally. I am glad I could make this decision but I know it can be hard in a lot of ways, not only with myself but also with the people around me. This process, for me, carries many emotions that I have to take the time to feel every one of them, but I’m sure that it was the right decision for everyone, but mostly for me.