I am less affected by my own experiences than I am worried about those of others.

by Anonymous

February 22, 2017

I have never wanted kids.

I have been lax about Birth Control and regularly taken several partners and disregarded precautionary measures.

For some time I really believed I could not become pregnant.

I had an abortion at age 26, in Texas, while in a steady long term relationship, 5 months after receiving the Nexplanon birth control implant.


I was genuinely disappointed in my body for betraying me in such a way, and in myself for not hearing the warnings my body was screaming at me, for being so naive against nature and the power she has over all of us.

Because I found out so late in had little less than 2 weeks to make a decision or I would be without option. I am lucky to have at my disposal an army of women with knowledge, connections, and empathy.

I was alarmed that when calling to make my appointment is was redirected to a call center in Dallas, I thought surely the state’s Capitol would be equipped to schedule its ONE Planned Parenthood that performs abortions.

I am less affected by my own experiences than I am worried about those of others. So many people in this state come from a less able economic background, or are surrounded by loved ones who cannot accept such a choice.

It pains me to think about all the babies who needn’t be here if access to education was available. Or all of the mothers who are now forced into a painful cycle of having children they may not want and probably can’t afford.

If proper education was available and access to birth control or even awareness of the female body were more abundant abortion would not be our problem.

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