Latinx in Conservative South Texas Gets Abortion

by M. R.

April 23, 2021

The Rio Grande Valley located at the tip of South Texas is an interesting area because although we vote Democrat, the area is highly conservative because of influence of Catholicism. There is only one abortion clinic in South Texas, located in McAllen. The clinic is frequently harassed by protestors with no protection from police. I was 27 when I had my abortion in 2019. I had it done a week after my wedding. My husband and I were poor. He already had two children from two different women, we were living in a trailer with his mom. I was not financially or emotionally ready, The procedure was so quick and painless, I was actually delighted right after. But then the following months I did feel an emptiness and emotional pain that was hard to endure. Today, I do not regret my decision although it hurt me emotionally. I believe every woman has a right to decide when she has a baby. I did not want to have a baby, and am thankful I did not have to.

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