It’s not the monolith decision I thought it would’ve been.

by Alyssa

April 17, 2023

I’m a mom.  I have two kids already.  I thought if something happened where I would have to decide having a pregnancy or an abortion, it would be an all consuming and overwhelming decision. Well, when it happened to me, it wasn’t.

My second child was 10 months old. My husband and I decided that we would wait three years before deciding on baby three or me getting my tubes tied. So I got an IUD since that was effective for the 10yrs between the first and second kid.

Well we got that  <1% failure rate and as soon as we knew, it was such a quick and easy decision. No one else knew it was just us and because we live in a restrictive state,  I had to fly out of state and stay a couple days in a hotel by myself to recover. I’m grateful we had the savings and resources but that’s not always the case. This experience had solidified even more so to me, that abortion should be available to everyone under any circumstance. I shouldn’t have to fly a thousand miles away and stay a week away from my kids just to get the health care I wanted and needed.

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