It’s not the horror movie I thought it’d be

by Anonymous

July 5, 2019

I am 22 years old and found out I was pregnant a week ago with my boyfriend of three years. While we want to have a family someday, right now is not the time. I have a chronic autoimmune disease that complicates pregnancy, and still being a college student, risking the pregnancy right now would have halted my college career and possibly compromised my own/the baby’s life. We decided that the most necessary choice would be not to continue with the pregnancy.

Since one week ago today (July 1), I spent every night looking for personal experiences that would give me some sort of expectation for how my medical abortion was going to feel. I was terrified at the responses of the worst pain humanly possible, horrific side effects of the medicine, going through it for 12 hours, etc. I’m now finishing what feels like the end of it as I type this, and I knew I owed it to the next woman reading these stories in search of comfort to give her that. Of course, it was not painless. It certainly was not comfortable, and it was definitely worse than a normal period. However, I was able to lay in bed with a heating pad on for the most part, and I only had to get up for the bathroom a lot towards the end. I started feeling better almost immediately, and I feel truly grateful that I didn’t experience the absolute worst pain I could ever imagine. I took the second set of pills at 3 pm, and about three hours into it is when I started feeling some pain. At almost 11 pm currently, I am continuing to cramp less and feel better. I hope this honest experience gives someone who is scared and looking for some hope a sense of peace. It is possible to get through this without the world physically ending, and I hope whoever is reading this will rest assured that it will get easier with every hour that passes.

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