It’s not easy but it gets better

by Lorie

August 16, 2021

I had just turned 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I had a pill abortion and later on was diagnosed with depression (post-abortion) the father and I decided to break up and later on got back together but things were never the same again, as I am still grieving and he isn’t. My depression got to hard for him to deal with but I understood and we broke up again after finding out he cheated on me. Things get easier as they go. Some days are easier then others but one thing that I know for certain is that having my abortion was a good decision in the end because even though some days I wish I didn’t, life would be a struggle and being a mom at 16 isn’t ideal. To every girl out there who’s debating on if they should keep it or not: things will get easier and it’s your decision make sure to remember that, some days you’ll be sad about it and some days you won’t even think about it but I promise it will get better. 🤍

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