It’s my life

by Anonymous

February 7, 2022

Almost 7 years ago, I felt like my body betrayed me, I did not give my body the consent to put me in that situation. At the time before I married my husband, we had just moved in together and had been dating for a year. I had just missed my period and I felt like something was off in my body. I purchased a home pregnancy test and looking down at it I wanted to revolt. I needed that thing growing in me to come out. Right away I knew I needed to get an abortion based on how I felt. I then started to process it all. I wasn’t ready to go through the pregnancy in the time of my career, financially, in my new relationship, and most importantly as a person. I was not ready for the commitments and sacrifices needed to become a parents and that just kept me in a total panic. I was extremely fortunate with my boyfriend, he looked into my eyes and said this is your body, you decide and I will support you in any decision. That was the moment I knew I would marry that man.

The moment I woke up from the D&C I felt like a ton was taken from my shoulders and I could finally breath. I felt like I had my life back. My decision brought me back into the exact way I wanted my life to be. I mean it wasn’t an easy process and emotionally the whole situation was very traumatic but I never once looked back in regret.

Now I have been married for almost 4 years and I am currently pregnant. This is my time and choice to go though the changes, responsibilities, and sacrifices. I have to autonomy you choose that this now is for me.

One day I will tell my child about my abortion and how I felt through the process and give them a personal account that is not based on politics or religious views.  Only as a woman’s right to choose on how she would like her life to proceed.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!