It’s Easier This Evening Than It Was Last Night

by Scout

July 6, 2021

Today is the seventh anniversary of my first abortion. It hit me a lot harder than I expected, as I’ve done a lot of work on my grief regarding my abortions and miscarriage. I am happy I didn’t have a kid with the person I was with at the time — ETERNALLY grateful for that. But I’m able to visualize what my 6 year old’s life would be a like better than I ever have before, and it leaves me with some guilt. Not because of what I could have given my kid, but because of all that I have become that I would not have learned about myself if I had to take care of a child during this time. It’s a lingering feeling of guilt, but it’s easier this afternoon than it was last night. I hope everyone here knows how wonderful they are, these posts have made me feel less alone today. Thank you.

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