It Wasn’t My Time

by Anonymous

August 11, 2017

I discovered my pregnancy early while living in Spain–truth be told, I really had no idea what drugs I was taking and what was happening to my body as it expelled the fetus due to the language barriers surrounding me. Every day I am thankful that I was able to access the abortion procedure in Spain; I would not have been able to afford it state side or even in the UK. Every day that very same thing makes me sad for the women who have to carry to term and put their lives on hold because they could not afford to abort in the time frame legislated for them by the US. My abortion was traumatic, because I dealt with it alone and while living with a host family that would have withdrawn their sponsorship of me had they known. I’m thankful every day for the fact that I didn’t have a child who would have grown up with parents that lived half way across the world from each other. I’m thankful everyday for the fact that I’ve since launched a career that would otherwise not have launched had I been pregnant. It wasn’t my time, and I’m thankful that the country of Spain, a country with a strong catholic identity, afforded me that opportunity.

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