It Wasn’t Good Timing For Me or the Baby

by Ri

August 31, 2020


I went in to the abortion clinic at 3:30 on a Thursday, signed a workload of paperwork and waited to be called back! The nurse took my sonogram and I was 5 wks 3 days. I got a copy of it just for memory. I spoke to the doctor and had decided on medical because I had never done any “surgery” before and the idea of it made me nervous. I spoke to a counselor about the pros and cons of both procedures, birth control and my emotions. I got home, watched youtube videos, found shoutyourabortion and changed my mind to surgical. I called them on my follow up day (Saturday), changed it to surgical and set my appt for that Wednesday.


Surgery Day

I had my surgical abortion. My appointment was scheduled at 9:15 and I went in pretty relaxed. I signed paperwork, spoke to a counselor and waited. At 11:25 I was in the surgery area changing into my gown and socks. I saw the other girls in there with one eye open, one closed and immediately lost my cool. I prayed long and hard before I was wheeled into the procedure room. I had a pretty good conversation with the counselor available during the procedure before we started which helped calm me down a little but once we started my heart rate elevated QUICKLY! I was sedated but the medicine only made me a little loopy and kicked in more, in my opinion, once the procedure was over. All I felt was a rod or two at first, then a bunch of pressure, nothing uncomfortable. Next, the numbing shots which weren’t even noticeable. But then the nurse warned me of cramping and those cramps were hell.. on a scale from 1-10 I’ll give them a 7. I may be “overreacting” since it wasn’t a 10, but I hate undeniable pains you know? The cramps lasted for about a minute and a half and then we were done! I was able to get up and be wheeled over into the surgery room I was in before. I was so dizzy and loopy I couldn’t keep my eyes open! About 5 minutes passed and a lady came to ask about any bleeding and cramps. I had no blood & my cramps were at a 2. I got dressed, called my mom and went home! I did have nausea and vomited twice but after that, just small cramps that subsided after a 4 hour nap!

The Next Day

It’s been 24 hours since the surgery and I have minimal bleeding, no cramps and I feel back to myself again. My appetite has came back, I have more energy and I finally want to wake up early again. The surgery wasn’t the worst thing ever but definitely not the best! Hopefully I never have to go through this again, but I do not regret my decision and if I had to do this again I would definitely do surgical! It’s your body, do what’s best for it and YOU!

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