It was taken from me.

by Stephanie

October 17, 2019

Content Warning: coercion

I had an abortion when I was only 15, and my choice was ripped from me by my own father. At the time I did not have access to any information on the matter and my father forced me to go in and have an abortion. I still resent my father for this. Not even a year later I got pregnant again and this time I hid my pregnancy until a week before my due date and had my son.

Fast forward to 21. Still living in my father’s house with my son and a new boyfriend. We knew that we were nowhere near ready in any way to have another child. When I found out I was pregnant I went up to  him and said I know what I need to do but how do you feel and he said whatever I need to do he would be behind me. So I had the procedure done and never once regretted it because it was my choice.

Now we are married and have a 1 1/2 year old  daughter and my son who is 10. If it weren’t for abortion neither of them would be here.

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