It was a Monday

by SW

February 21, 2019

Content Warning: later abortion

It was a Monday, it was summer, the weather was gorgeous, I had a new pair of maternity jeans on and I felt great. We were scheduled for our anatomy scan. We couldn’t wait to see you, everyone wanted to know if you were a boy or a girl. I was so sure you were a girl. We went into the room and the tech went about his job. It was difficult to see you, and something felt wrong. He told us amniotic fluid was low, and went to get the Dr. That was the longest wait of my life. She came to tell us finally that you weren’t healthy. You didn’t have kidneys, or a bladder, that’s why there was no fluid. You wouldn’t live more than a few hours, if you made it at all.

Sometimes in life we are given choices, but they aren’t really choices. We could let you stay, and wait, letting my body crush you. Or we could make a different choice, the choice for you to never feel pain, and sending you to heaven on our terms. We never hesitated. We knew there was no choice. We made a choice out of love. It was Monday.


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