It took awhile to fully heal

by Anonymous

May 3, 2021

My boyfriend and I had not been together long when I found out I was pregnant. It was a short discussion, but we both knew we were not ready to be parents. It was a new relationship and we had roommates at the time as well whom we knew didn’t want that kind of responsibility thrust on them.

So, we went with the pill option. I was lucky that we found out on the 9th and were scheduled for the abortion on the 11th. It was painful and scary at the time. But, he was supportive during the entire process.

It took awhile to fully heal, but with therapy and medication I was able to have my life back in about a year.

This was 3 years ago now. Three years that flew by and I thank God for not having to go through labor, the morning sickness, the money issues, etc. I have shared it with my family who at the time were supportive, but I found out later on that my father thought I did it for attention, and two of by boyfriend’s female friends didn’t let us grieve because they felt their issues were more important. So, that was tough.

However, to this day I know he and I made the BEST decision for us. Abortion is a necessary option in health care.

I also know that despite how my father feels or others who I know are pro life (including several of my close friends), I am not a horrible person, and will hopefully have a chance later on, to be the best mother possible. But at 27 years old, three months into a new relationship, it was not the greatest time to embark on that path.

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