It shouldn’t have been such an issue to get healthcare.

by Anonymous

April 21, 2022

I was always prochoice, but I never thought I would need an abortion. I was 29, just freshly a month married when I got pregnant. It was unexpected, as we had discussed having kids, but we were making huge life changes, faced a lot of debt, and the thought of a baby scared us at that time because of the unknown we were facing.  At the time I was living in Tennessee and I had access to two different abortion clinics, and I called to make an appointment. One came back that they had no openings for two months, the other told me it would be $700 for the first day to wait 8 hours just to see a doctor, not including fees which would’ve been another $700 just for the pills on the second visit where I would again need to wait 8 hours. I had a full time job, it was nearly impossible to fathom the amount of money and time it would take just to get the care I needed. It made the choice even more difficult because of the hurdles we were facing, like are the protestors worth it, or is the trouble of experiencing a pregnancy less than the trouble it caused us then to abort. I ended up making the 14 hour drive to Maryland for a clinic that could see me the next Friday. It was a fraction of the cost of what it would’ve been in TN. I got everything I needed that day, and while difficult, I was able to have the abortion on my terms. I’m thankful I had the support of my significant other. I recognize this immense privilege that I have in being able to get an abortion in a timely manner, have the means to make the drive, have a partner that was supportive. I know that the future of peoples lives are in jeopardy, abortion is healthcare. It shouldn’t have been such an issue for me and others to get that form of care. I’m afraid that we can only expect worse legislation to come out in policing our bodies. While it was difficult to process all of my feelings after, I know it was the right decision for me, and that is what I’ll hold on to and advocate for. For the decision is always yours, not another individual, legislation, or the governments. It is yours.

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