It is okay.

by Diana

August 23, 2021

6 weeks, 2 days pregnant – And I choose to abort.

I kept telling myself for several days that I wasn’t pregnant because I hoped not to be. Took a home pregnancy test and realised I was – still gave myself false hopes and said – “Must have been a false positive”

Took a walk down to a nearby diagnostic centre to do a self pregnancy test with an ultrasound and realised I had a healthy, inside uterus implanted baby, with a sound and great heartbeat.

I broke down as I walked back home. Told myself that this wasn’t what I wanted for myself at this current moment. Quickly, FYI – I’m 19. Contacted the doctors and pills arrive tomorrow morning.

I’m devastated. But glad.

I’m lost. But still sound in spirit.

I know this is the best for me right now.

6 weeks in and abortion is my only go.

Asking for forgiveness right now, Asking for new glory and grace, Asking for love to shine through in prayer.

Can’t help but share this anonymously, hoping it will bring light to someone coping with the same situation.

Tell yourself – All you can do is the best you can do. It will all be fine. Don’t let the chips fall. Stand strong, you are all you have.


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