In just a few days, it’ll be a year since I had my abortion. And I want to celebrate. My state (and so many others) are fighting to criminalize and demonize abortion. Their campaigns full of misinformation and guilt trips make me want to celebrate even louder!

So I am here to tell you, abortion seeker, that my favorite part about having an abortion is never ever regretting it. I chose my self, I chose my goals, I chose what was best for my family and I am so profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to choose. It is okay to have an abortion! It is your right to do with your body as you so please! It is okay to choose you. It’s okay to celebrate your decision!

Having an abortion gave me a beautiful new outlook on my body, a deep appreciate and respect for what it is capable of. Having an abortion taught me that I am strong and I am allowed to chose me. I hope others can feel empowered in their decision to do what it best for them- and then celebrate it loudly!

Happy abortion day anniversary to me and my bodily autonomy, and my hopes and dreams!