It is okay to grieve too.

by Anonymous

July 23, 2020

It had only been about a year since abortion was legalised in Ireland. I fell pregnant at 17, with my boyfriend and we had only been together for about 6 months. I was in shock during this whole time period and I was moving around to different friends’ houses because I couldn’t face my parents and they were too ashamed to even be around me. I was an emotional wreck from the moment I found out I was pregnant until I had an abortion. There wasn’t a day where I wasn’t crying basically. I knew since I was young that I did want a family, a stable home, all of that. But I was still only in high school and I couldn’t offer that life – I didn’t even have a job. I got an abortion about only two weeks after I found out I was pregnant, everything was done really fast. I’m now 19 and I’ve had to get counseling to deal with the after effects that it took on me mentally. I felt relief at the time- then over a few months I started to feel grief. And I grieved and grieved over a few cells that weren’t even formed. I thought I was stupid because of this. I’m not gonna lie I still struggle a lot with it. That boyfriend left me and we never spoke again or never spoke of what happened so that didn’t help. Right now, I’m just going to take one day at a time, but I know that everything that is meant to be will be. But I just want anyone to know who reads this that it’s okay to grieve. It doesn’t make you any less of a human being. You can be sad about an abortion too, it’s not always relief and happiness.It is okay to grieve.❤️

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