It hurt

by Anonymous

January 11, 2021

One of the worst pains Ive ever felt was having an abortion. Not the emotional pain.. the physical pain. I opted out of any medication, I had an abortion before and they gave me meds but I didn’t like the way it felt, so this time around I was going to raw dog it. The doctor and nurses warned me but I didn’t care, 3-4 minutes of pain was fine with me. Let me remind you that I have felt a lot of pain in my life, I played sports and broke numerous bones, I had brain surgery which is quite a headache, I thought I was used to pain. This was bad though, I almost passed out. But never once did I tell them to stop, I handled it and I went along with my day without one regret. The thing I learned is that I never want to go through child birth if it will hurt worse than that. I am so damn thankful for abortions. I would be 21 broke with 2 kids if not. So thank you to everyone involved in helping keeping abortions legal.

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