Inviting abuse

by Anonymous

February 7, 2022

I had a “one night” with a customer at my coffee shop. I knew him only slightly. He had just gone through a breakup. We hooked up. He came in me without telling me. He told me he couldn’t finish. I got pregnant. I thought maybe we could make it work at least as co-parents, so I decided to get to know him better. He had no relationship with any of his family. He called his mom an “overbearing bitch” because she sent him a birthday package of stuff he didn’t want. I asked why his relationship ended. He told me the she had left him a few times. He shared with me that he had lost his temper on many occasions & hit her, without an ounce of shame. He said if she wouldn’t have been such a “stupid bitch” he wouldn’t have had to. I weighed my options for two months. I decided to have an abortion. He never knew I was pregnant. I did not want him to have any control of my life, or have any say in my decisions. I did not want to bring a child into my life that would connect us to that man. He moved a few months later. I never saw him again. Thank god.

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