Intense Relief

by Cori

November 16, 2021

I found out I was pregnant very early on, because I went in for IUD insertion and they make you take a urine pregnancy test beforehand. It was supposed to be the first day of my period, and I had already noticed some mild bleeding. Now I realize this was likely when implantation occurred.

My doctor had just placed the IUD when her nurse knocked on the door and seemed very concerned. Although I had taken a digital pregnancy test at home two days prior (it came back negative), I was being told that the urine test came back positive.

Since the IUD was already in, the doctor ordered a rushed blood test to check my HCG levels. They were only 56, so she sent me home and asked me to come back three days later to check again. At that time, my levels had increased to 100, so she removed the IUD and I scheduled an aspiration abortion with a local clinic (not planned parenthood).

The absolute worst part of the entire experience was the waiting. The feeling of a ticking time bomb growing inside my against my will was almost unbearable, and I had to do it for 9 days.

The night before my appointment, I barely slept. I kept imagining things that could go wrong, keeping me from being able to end the pregnancy.

I arrived at the clinic and there were a few wonderful escorts there to accompany me past the protesters. Once inside, I checked in and filled out some paperwork. Then a nurse took me back for a transvaginal ultrasound (like a dildo into the vagina, absolutely no discomfort). She couldn’t find the pregnancy on the ultrasound because it was so early and small, so she called in another nurse. The second nurse thought she found it, and showed me on the printed photo. It was just a little black dot, measuring two millimeters.

Next I went to another room to go through the counseling process, which is really just learning what to expect during and after the procedure. I had the opportunity to ask questions, and the nurses were very open and honest with me. I then signed my consent form and paid the $600 bill.

I went into yet another room and was offered ibuprofen and lorazepam, both of which I took while the nurse was in the room with me.

Then it was finally time for the procedure. I went into another room (so many rooms!) where the procedure would occur. The vacuum suction machine was in there, along with a big backlit table with a clear bowl on top. This is where the contents of my uterus would be placed for examination.

The doctor was amazing, and the nurse kept me calm. First they inserted the speculum, which wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Then the doctor put a cleansing solution on my vagina and cervix. Since I was so early, my cervix was tightly closed and rigid. The doctor then injected the lidocaine into the right side of my cervix. It was briefly painful, but the pain went away quickly. By the time she injected the second shot into my left side, I didn’t feel a thing.

Then she inserted the two dilator rods. I expected this to be the worst part and it was, I started experiencing cramps, but it wasn’t sharp or unbearable pain. This was over in less than 30 seconds. At that point, the doctor took a plastic tube and inserted it into my uterus. While she suctioned out the contents, the nurse kept me distracted with a discussion about what it will be like when this is all over. It was extremely helpful. In about 60 seconds, it was over. It was all very bearable, and seemed so quick.

The doctor removed the tube, the dilators and the speculum, and quickly swabbed my cervix. Then she began examining the contents in the clear bowl. I was very curious and asked if I could see what’s in the bowl. She was very nice and explained what I was looking at, and what she suspected was the pregnancy. But to be sure, she brought a small Petri dish to the lab to take a closer look.

At this point, I still wasn’t 100% sure that it was all over yet. I still needed her confirmation before I could allow myself to feel relief. I got dressed, and the doctor came back and asked if I’d like to come back to the lab to see for myself. I was so grateful for this opportunity. She let me look through the microscope at what appeared to be a mass of cells with little finger-like spikes come off the edges. She explained that this was the pregnancy, and that it was all over. I cried, I hugged her, and I thanked her for giving me this incredible opportunity to move on with my life.

I then went to ANOTHER room and relaxed with some snacks. I felt mild cramping like a period, but nothing major. After 30 minutes, I was able to leave. I picked up a prescription for a one-dose antibiotic that I took the evening of the abortion, and my cramps mostly stopped by bedtime. I woke up the next day feeling “not pregnant” except my boobs were still a bit sore. This went away after a few days.

This was incredibly positive experience for me, and I’m grateful that it’s a safe and legal alternative to carrying an unwanted pregnancy.

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