In-School Opression

by Hailee

December 15, 2020

As a sophomore in high school, sex is becoming more prevalent in everyone’s life, and our community reacted to this by implementing a mandatory health class for all sophomores and up. However, there are strong anti-abortion undertones to the lessons we learn. As a legal right in my state and county, abortion is not only something that exists but is a human right that we deserve to learn about. It is becoming increasingly clear that the school, in fact, has a conservative-leaning viewpoint. Knowing several friends who have gotten an abortion, I know how uncomfortable pro-life propaganda makes them, and it’s not necessarily the most welcoming thing to read “why you should choose life” as a mandatory reading assignment. Knowing that people can feel like the whole world is against them makes me an ally, especially in school, not only for my associates who have gotten an abortion but for everyone else who also needs an advocate.

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