In June of 2016, I took my abortion for granted

by Kristina

April 7, 2020

I had always been paranoid about infertility, but now I know that my body wanted to be pregnant so badly enough that it conceived through toxic copper. And even though I’m an antinatalist now and no longer want children, I’m glad this happened a few years ago. My abortion story was wonderful. It sounds like a nightmare on paper: being accidentally pregnant at 19 with my ex’s baby, but it wasn’t: it was happy and exciting.

One of the reasons it was such a relatively pleasant experience was that I never doubted that I had a choice. And then… a few months later, Trump shocked everyone and got elected. Since being woken up to the fact that my rights aren’t necessarily guaranteed (and built up the courage), I have founded an Action Council for Planned Parenthood in my rural county, became a fellow at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, became Chair of the Healthcare and Public Safety Subcommittee for my local chapter of Young Democrats, and volunteered my way to being Deputy Campaign Manager on a fiercely progressive congressional campaign. Keep up the good work, folks!!! We need it now more than ever.


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